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Solar Eclipse Watch Party

Monday, April 8 - Starting at Noon

Join us as we witness one of the most spectacular astronomical events the world has ever seen! We’ll provide glasses, food, games, and most importantly, we’ll have a clear presentation of God’s love and perfect plan of salvation.   

The Eclipse will start at roughly 12:20pm. If you’d like a full rundown of this event, click here.

Just imagine, in the span of about an hour and a half, the sun will be blocked out of the sky, in the middle of the day, over the heart of Texas for the first time since Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb! If the light pollution from those pesky things is low enough, we’ll even see the stars. Isn’t that wild? You won’t want to miss any of it because not even your grandchildren will see it again unless you travel to some other part of the world.

Come learn how this rare, supernatural event is a clear display of God’s thoughtfulness in creation of the universe. We hope to see you there!